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Minton Farm is a privately owned and operated, non-profit Refuge for the safety and wellbeing of the rescued animals and birds. As such, running costs escalate daily. You can help by sponsoring the animals and birds of your choice. Your donation will be used for the food and veterinary care for those animals, leaving the funds allocated for that purpose, free for redevelopment and improvement of the facilities.

The Sponsorship program is our major source of funding for the rescue work. Annual sponsorship is only $35 and is renewable each January. This membership entitles you to a personalised certificate, your name publicly displayed, and periodic newsletter updates to keep you informed and amused!

If you would like to sponsor an animal/ bird/ facility you may either
  • Send an E-mail to Bev Langley
  • Complete the sponsorship form and mail it to:
    Minton Farm, 455 Cherry Gardens Road, Cherry Gardens SA 5157. Cheques should be made payable to "Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre". Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre is a registered not-for-profit charity.
  • Donations may be direct debited to Bank SA BSB 105078 Account 056591840
  • Alternatively, you can deposit in person into either account of the 'Minton Farm Rescue Fund' at any Branch of Bank SA.

Your sponsorship will help to maintain rescue and rehabilitation of inured and orphaned wildlife. Through hands on community involvement in conservation, we can work together to protect endangered species through an active education program.

Many animals and birds are also kept as a result of neglect, injury, cruelty or simply loss of their owner through age, accident, marriage split up, or moving house. You can help to improve their lives, through your sponsorship. Please remember, should an animal pass away, we retain the right to transfer your sponsorship to another animal or bird.

Over 500 rescued animals and birds available for sponsorship including: wombat, kangaroos, potoroos, gliders, cockatoos, birds of prey, farm animals and many more. Donations are gratefully received and used for the construction of a larger kangaroo enclosure to facilitate the orphaned roos coming from Australia wide.

If you are concerned about future of Australia's wildlife, then you should join the Minton Farm Wildlife Sanctuary Sponsorship Program. Your support will make difference for the children of tomorrow.

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Species Available for Sponsorship:


Yellow tailed blacks
Sulphur Crested
Little Corella
Long Billed Corella
Red Rump
Scarlet Chested
Major Mitchell
Adelaide Rosella
Eastern Rosella
Musk Lorikeet
Rainbow lorikeet

Other birds

Barbary Dove
Zebra Finch
Bronzewing Pigeon
Murray Magpie
Ringneck Pheasant
. Sea birds


Blue Tongue Lizard
Long Necked Turtoise
Short Necked Turtoise

Birds of Prey

Boobook Owl
Tawny Frogmouth
Nankeen Kestrel
Peregrine Falcon


Brush tailed Bettong
Rufus Bettong
Eastern Quoll
Tammar Wallaby
Red Kangaroo
Western Grey Kangaroo
Squirrel Gliders
Sugar Gliders
Brush tail Possum
Ringtail Possum


Pacific Black
Wood Duck
Cape Barren Goose

Hospital Room

Humidicrib, hot boxes, medications etc.

Nocturnal House


By sponsoring the Species of your choice for one year, you will be making a very important personal contribution towards the future of Minton Farm Wildlife Sanctuary, and the preservation of Australia's Endangered Wildlife.

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Monetary Donations

Funding is always necessary for facility improvement. We need to improve and reproduce our educational brochures to assist people with their wildlife encounters, and to improve our dated educational displays and presentations to educate our community members about our wildlife needs. Your donations will be acknowledged and greatly appreciated. They may be posted to Minton Farm directly at 455 Cherry Gardens Road, Cherry Gardens, SA, 5157, or deposited into the Minton Farm Rescue Fund at any branch of Bank SA.

You may now use PayPal to make a donation! Simply click the Donate icon and follow the instructions given there.

Sincere thanks, Bev. Langley.

The Most Useful Donations for Rescued Animals are:

Muesli and rolled oats
Honey and peanut butter
Sunflower seed
Evaporated soy & milk powder

Other Useful Goods Include:

Allbran, weetbix, cereals, baby cereals, fruits
Any type of bird seeds, pigeon mix, wheat
Bran, weatgerm, pollard, lucerene, straw
Pellets, puppy food-tinned and dry food
Vitamins, micropore tape, white king
Flowers-bottlebrush, grevellia, acacia, fushicia
Fencing wire, tubing, star droppers, alsonite

Fresh Food Relished Include:

Apples, pears, bananas, avocados, lettuce, silverbeet, nuts, corn, grapes, carrots, cucumber, pumpkin, rock melons, watermelons, honedew ect.

Sincere thanks on behalf of myself and the rescues, Bev.

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